Legal specialties

Legal specialties



  • Legal defense in contentious proceedings for terminations, dismissals, suspension of both individual and collective contracts.
  • Prevention and analysis of the size of the workforce, to reduce costs in future restructuring.
  • Establishment of protocols in the management faculties of the company (confidentiality, use of telematics and communication tools, GPS video activity control systems, flexible working hours, right to disconnect from work…)
  • Advice, analyzes of the application of the company’s disciplinary regime, with judicial defense of sanctions.
  • Defense in all kinds of claims for amounts and acknowledgments of
  • Law (holidays, reconciliation of family life, permits).
    Advice and analyzes on flexible working hours and reconciliation of family life.
  • Advice and analysis on the adaptation of the company to labor legislation, changes, and legal labor practices of the moment to improve and avoid labor relations problems.
  • Advice, preparation and assistance in control actions by the labor authority (Inspection of
  • Work and Social Security) in all employment areas.


  • Legal defense in both individual and collective dismissal procedures, disciplinary sanctions.
  • Defense in all kinds of claims for amounts and acknowledgments of Law (holidays, reconciliation of family life, family care leave, right to disconnect, substantial changes to the contract)
  • Analysis of the worker’s working conditions (remuneration, schedules, breaks, holidays, permits…) with assistance before control bodies.



  • Intervention in all kinds of contentious judgments regarding Social Security benefits that may affect the company.
  • Defense and prevention of possible surcharges on benefits and penalties due to lack of safety measures in WORK ACCIDENTS or non-compliance with prevention regulations with preparation and assistance in inspection actions and administrative and judicial procedures resulting from claims of both Social Security benefits and compensation for damages.
  • Advice in periods of temporary or permanent incapacity of workers, and monitoring of benefits processes by workers.


  • Advice on obtaining and claiming Social Security retirement benefits (report of date of effects and pension amounts) all degrees of permanent incapacity, temporary incapacity, death benefits.
  • Intervention in all kinds of contentious trials of Social Security benefits, high I.T. challenges, underpayments.
  • Claims and advice on WORK ACCIDENTS in the judicial sphere and control bodies Labor Inspection and Social Security. Assistance in administrative and judicial procedures for both Social Security benefits and compensation for damages.


  • Advice and Drafting of contracts (sales, urban leases, rustic…) Evictions and claims. Claims for amounts, contractual breaches, damages.
  • Civil liability claims
    Civil liability claims arising from traffic accidents (damages, injuries)
  • Inheritance and succession advice.
  • Real estate, registration law, neighborhood relations and conflicts.
  • Challenging abusive clauses.


  • Divorces, separations, marriage annulments, breaches of Agreements.
  • Law partner
  • Disability, guardianship and guardianship procedures.
  • Recognition in Spain of foreign judgments in family matters (Exequator)
  • Contestation or claim of filiation, adoptions, pre-nuptial agreements.


  • Advice in all areas of the
  • Public administrations (local, autonomous, state), with defense and interposition of administrative and contentious resources.
  • Urban planning (real estate, registration, cadastral and Building law) Forced expropriations.
  • Procedures in tenders and public tenders.
  • Property liability attributable to the Public Administration.
  • Sanctioning Administrative Law.


  • Residence and work authorizations for all kinds of circumstances including exceptional ones (Social, work and family roots, victims of gender violence…) non-profit studies, for reasons of economic interest…
  • Right to asylum and refugees.
  • Sanctioning procedures in Aliens Law
  • Spanish nationality (Legal advice, comprehensive processing and appeals against administrative and judicial denials).


  • Defense in all kinds of criminal offences
  • Of the private prosecution in all kinds of criminal offences.
  • Jurisdiction of minors.
  • Liability claims derived from Traffic Law (traffic accidents, with claims for injuries and material damage).
  • Domestic Violence.
  • Crimes arising from new technologies.
  • Penitentiary law.
  • Pardon Petitions.
  • Civil liability arising from the crime.
  • Cancellation of criminal and police records.


  • Advice in the corporate field in difficulties of viability, insolvency, analysis of the situation and presentation of creditors’ contests, or representation of creditor companies in contests.
  • Advice on claims to companies or between partners.
  • Advice on industrial property, brand or product registrations.

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